GDI Review – Easy Way To Get A Business Domain Name

This GDI review (Global Domains International, shows how easy it is to benefit from this company’s services and might suggest it to someone looking for reliable web hosting services and professional blogging tools. You may also make a lot of money with Read the review now to find out how simple it is.

GDI review

(Disclaimer: Some of the links in this review are affiliate links. This means that I will earn a small commission, at no cost to you, if you make a purchase from GDI.)

GDI Review – Easy Way To Get A Business Domain Name!

What Is Global Domains International (GDI) And How Does It Work?

Since 1999, GDI (Global Domains International) has had an affiliate program and a service for registering domain names around the world. extension ( is a specialty of GDI. extension stands for “web site,” but it is really the official website extension for Samoa’s Internet country code top-level domain (ccTLD).

Although Global Domains International (GDI) specializes in extension, it also offers top-level domain registration. Top-level domain extensions,.net,

GDI is a company that provides professional tools for Internet marketers at a low cost. For example, for as little as $10 USD per month, you can get web hosting, blogging tools, site-building tools, email addresses for your business, and a number of other important services.

GDI Offers:

  • You can try their services for free the first 7 days.
  • Professional blogging and website creation software.
  • Your own domain name with extension.
  • Storage for website hosting of 100 Mb.
  • Ten email addresses (email

GDI vs. Other Web Hosting Providers:

There are dozens of web hosting providers on the internet, and most of them charge more than $20 USD a month for hosting and website development tools. Other site hosting companies have affiliate programs, but they are nothing like what GDI provides. Many people join GDI (Global Domains International) just for their great affiliate program, I know.

The GDI Affiliate Program

If you join GDI (Global Domains International), you will start getting commissions and bonuses every week and every month. The GDI affiliate program is extremely straightforward: you will become an affiliate the moment you join GDI.

As an affiliate, you will get $1 USD for each active personal referral per month. As a result, you will only need 10 personal signups to cover your own monthly cost. It is actually pretty simple to refer affiliates to GDI because everyone online is seeking affordable and reliable web hosting.

The Compensation Plan

The GDI compensation model has five layers. For each active referral in the first five tiers, you will receive $1 USD per month (10% of the $10 USD monthly charge). You may refer as many new people to your first level as you wish; however, it is advised that you refer at least five new active referrals to your team.

Here below is a calculation of how your income will grow with just 5 active members on your first level:

GDI review affiliate commissions

In other words, if you sponsored just 5 active affiliates for your GDI team and taught each of them how to recommend 5 active affiliates, your passive monthly income would be close to $4,000.

This is the passive income you would receive every month for work you did only once. Think about how much you’d make if you brought in 10 affiliates and they each brought in 10…

Please Note!

The preceding graph is only illustrative to demonstrate the potential outcomes of GDI promotion. There are no certainties, but if you want to market something that is constantly in demand (affordable web hosting solutions), try advertising GDI.

If you are new to Internet marketing, there is one thing you must comprehend. Having an online business is a real business. You must promote your affiliate link using either free or paid techniques in order to earn money from any opportunity, including GDI. Without promoting your affiliate link, you will not earn any money.

You may earn a full-time income by marketing GDI, but you must commit time, effort, and some money to advertising. GDI offers a wide range of training, help, and marketing tools to help you be successful.

Four Amazing Bonuses!

You can also earn bonuses for introducing new clients and building your team. At the time I am writing this GDI review, there are four extras available, which are as follows:

The Weekly Superstars Bonus Contest

If you bring in five new, active GDI members in one week, you will get $100 USD. This bonus is re-earnable indefinitely.

GDI Learning Bonus (GDI Review)

Earn $25 USD for completing the GDI learning bonus in its entirety. This bonus can be earned really quickly just by following the simple instructions.

GDI Duplication Bonus

When ten of your new referrals successfully complete their learning bonus, you’ll get a $250 USD bonus.

Heavy Hitter Bonus

Referring 1,000 new affiliates within four weeks will earn you $5,000 USD.

What I Like Best About GDI

GDI (Global Domains International) is trustworthy. Since 1999, it has existed online.

  • It is cost-effective. You receive a seven-day free trial and then pay only $10 USD each month for everything.
  • A few excellent perks and benefits are provided through the affiliate program.
  • Available “how-to” tutorials and step-by-step instructions
  • The support staff is outstanding. If you have a problem, you can just contact support, and they’ll help you as soon as they can.

Many individuals join GDI for the affiliate program alone. They recognize the possibility of generating a big passive income every month.

What I Dislike About GDI:

  • domain extension is not as search engine friendly,.net, This might harm your search engine rating if you simply depend on organic results.
  • https (Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure) could not be used when this GDI review was written. Google and other search engines think that https is very important, so sites that use this protocol show up higher in search results.

GDI Review – Conclusion

I have my own company domain and have been a GDI member since 2017. I have not created a website on the domain name; rather, it just redirects to an affiliate offer. If you want to earn money with GDI, recommend new users who acquire their own domain name.

This GDI review should have helped you learn more about this company and help you decide if you need their services or not. Their affiliate program is one of the best out there, which is why so many people sign up and actively promote it.

In the end, everyone needs dependable web hosting to run a successful online business.

GDI has a great deal more benefits than drawbacks. First of all, I highly recommend Global Domains International if you want reliable website hosting for a reasonable price ($10 USD per month).

Second, GDI has been in existence for almost two decades. If you are not going to create your website with their resources, you should at least begin to promote GDI. Their associate program is excellent.

Actively promoting GDI will allow you to generate a monthly passive income that steadily increases over time. On the Internet, there are several reviews of Global Domains International. I wrote this review based on my own opinion of the company.

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