How To Create A Website To Make Money

How to create a website to make money? This is a really important question if you want to sell something online to make money. Money-making websites are very powerful tools for promoting affiliate products.

Step-By-Step Guide: How To Create A Website To Make Money

Many people still have no idea how to create a website to make money, a website that looks professional and converts visitors into customers. This “step-by-step” guide will show you how easy it is to earn passive income from your website.

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#1. Set A Realistic Goal To Make Money Online

What do you want to achieve? How much do you want to earn in the next 12 months? The first step is to define a realistic goal. The idea is to get targeted visitors to your website who are interested in what you have to offer. Your job is to convert visitors into customers. There are different ways you can achieve this.

#2. Find Your Niche (How to create a website to make money)

Finding the right niche is very important. If you choose a niche with a lot of competition, your money-making website may never rank in Google or any other search engine. By choosing a niche with too little competition, there is simply not enough money to be made for anyone. The key is to find a profitable niche that has high search volume but very low competition.

It is impossible to guess what niche you should get into. To find a profitable niche, you need to do keyword research. One of the best free tools is

#3. Find The Right Affiliate Product To Promote

When you know exactly what niche you want to get into, it is time to find a matching affiliate product. As an example, if your niche is “online business tools,” then you should choose an affiliate product that is about that topic. On ClickBank, you can find high quality affiliate products that pay out recurring commissions.

#4. How To Create A Website To Make Money

When you have found the perfect affiliate product to promote, you need to start creating a website for your product. The most common method is to create a self-hosted WordPress blog. For this, you will need your own domain name and a hosting account.

Finding A Great Domain Name:

Your domain name should end and contain the keywords for which you want to rank. (The cost of a domain name is around $20 per year.) If you can’t find a domain name, Top level domain names seem to rank best compared to other domain extensions.

HostGator is a good place to find domain names and affordable hosting. Another place is called Global Domains International, read the review here for more information.

In this example, something with “online business tools.” Having the key phrase in the domain name is very important for SEO (search engine optimization) purposes. Search engines use the domain name as a ranking factor when determining what the website is about.

I highly recommend you invest in a domain name and web hosting. It is a small business expense. Sure, you can use a free website to save money, but this site can be deleted without warning, and you will lose all your income.

Choose Reliable Website Hosting:

You will also need reliable website hosting. By reliable, I mean that the uptime should be as high as possible. If your website is down, you will not make any money. There are many website hosting companies you can choose from; some of the most popular are called Website hosting costs around $15 per month.

Creating your money-making website:

When you have domain name, your hosting account, and your affiliate products, it is time to create a website to make money. You need to install a self-hosted WordPress blog on your hosting account. Setting this up is quite technical and can seem difficult if you have no experience. You can learn how to do this or ask the support staff at the hosting company to set it up for you. Before this can be done, you need to change the DNS server settings for your domain name.

#5. Designing Your WordPress Blog

Once your WordPress blog is up and running (this process can take some time), then it is time to start choosing a professional looking WordPress theme and change some settings. Also, install a few plugins to make your new WordPress blog secure and fast to load. You can play around with the settings, there are tons of great “how-to” videos on YouTube. The most important thing is to start making money as soon as possible.

#6. Publish Unique Content Regularly (How to create a website to make money)

Now that your WordPress blog is up and running, the next step is to create unique, helpful, and interesting content regularly. You need to have lots of great content on your blog. It is the content that will drive interested people to your blog and purchase your “online business tools“—an affiliate product. Start writing long (at least 1,200+ words) “how-to” articles, and product reviews that you can post to your blog.

A good idea is to purchase the affiliate product yourself first. This way, you’ll know all about it and can recommend it to your audience. You can also write in-depth reviews that can make all the difference when someone is thinking about purchasing this particular product.

You should also create your own YouTube channel where you can publish videos about this topic. It is important to know that your blog will never be finished, you need to publish fresh content regularly. The more content you have, the more possibilities there are to rank in the search engines and get highly targeted traffic.

Just by blogging regularly, you can build a full-time income online. However, there are many other ways you can market your own blog to get traffic.

#7. Getting Traffic To Your Money-Making Website

Besides writing new content regularly, there are some other effective ways to get highly targeted traffic.

Classified Ads:

Classified ads are a fantastic way to get the word out about your money-making website. They are free to use, and people who visit classified ad sites are often looking for something to buy. There is one downside to this traffic strategy: It is very time-consuming. You need to spend many hours per day submitting ads to dozens of classified ad sites. Fortunately, there is a way to automate this process using a service called Read my review here.

Forums And Discussion Boards:

You can join a forum in your niche and start participating by asking questions and helping other members by answering questions. You are not allowed to advertise on forums and discussion boards, but you can add a link back to your money-making website from the signature file. This file will be posted automatically under each post you make at the forum. Over time, you could have hundreds of links pointing back to your site. This can help with your search engine ranking.

YouTube Videos:

Creating your own YouTube channel and uploading videos regularly is another very effective way to get traffic to your new money-making website. If you don´t want to show your face in the video, you don´t have to. There are some great tools you can use to make videos, such as InVideo. You can also sign up for a free account at Canva to make short “how-to” videos.

Banner Exchanges:

Banner exchanges are not so well known, but they can really generate lots of free traffic to your money-making site. There is one particular banner exchange and advertising source I use regularly. It is called Free Advertising For You. Read the review here.

Conclusion About How To Create A Website To Make Money

There are dozens of ways to make money from a website. In this article, I explain a simple way to get started. The important thing is to just get your website up and running. You will learn all the necessary skills over time.

Fortunately, there is lots of information available online these days. One of the best free tutorial sites out there is YouTube. When you have a problem, just head over to YouTube and check out a “how to” video. Remember to keep working on your online business website every day, and you will see results.

A Simple Solution For How To Create A Website To Make Money:

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How to create a website to make money