LeasedAdSpace Review – How To Get Buyer Traffic Now

This LeasedAdSpace review will teach you everything you need to know about one of the most effective web traffic generation websites available today.

LeasedAdSpace review

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LeasedAdSpace Review – How To Get Buyer Traffic Now

Since 2016, has been one of the most unique online opportunities. Leased Ad Space (LAS) is one of the best online business platforms where you can promote any services or products you like. The affiliate program allows you to make money, while also making money from all your other offers you promote on LAS.

What Is the Process of LeasedAdSpace Advertising?

If you are running an online business or just starting your career as an Internet marketer, you will quickly realize that highly targeted web traffic is the key to success. You simply cannot make money online without a steady stream of targeted traffic to your offers. Targeted traffic means people who are interested in what you have to offer).

LeasedAdSpace (LAS) is a one-of-a-kind traffic platform and business opportunity that you can use to promote your own products and services, but also re-sell traffic to earn commissions. LAS is a web traffic platform that includes several different ways to get interested people to view your offers and buy what you recommend.

Traffic Packages With Long Term Benefits

LeasedAdSpace offers 7 different traffic packages that you can buy. The smallest traffic package is the “Pearl Package.” By purchasing this traffic package, you will gain lifetime access to send an email solo ad to the entire database. Members of LAS are mostly other online business owners, they are actually buying stuff online.

Currently, there are over 40,000 members in this traffic platform, so just by paying a one-time fee of $9.97 for the “Pearl Package”, you will be able to send your offers to over 40,000 other active online business owners, affiliate marketers, bloggers, etc.

All the traffic packages are listed here below, complete with banner and text ad impression counts, how often you can send out an email solo ad, etc. The traffic packages (one-time purchases) must be purchased in the following order: smallest to largest.

LeasedAdSpace review - traffic packages

LeasedAdSpace gives members who can’t afford to buy all the traffic packages the chance to advertise. Even those who haven´t purchased a traffic package at all can start building their online presence at using their personal blog and by filling out their profile page. Everything in LeasedAdSpace is public and search engines can index it.

What Do You Get From Leased Ad Space?

If you purchase a traffic package, you will get external and internal advertising and lots of traffic with the following types of ads:

All Search Engine Traffic And Content Is Public!

All the content that is published on LeasedAdSpace is public. This means that your content might be indexed by the search engines and show up in the search results if you take the time to write unique, interesting content. The domain name has a high authority, so chances are that your blog posts and ad directory posts will show up quite high in the search results.

Another benefit of using the personal LAS blog is link building. All links are “dofollow.” You can use your LAS blog to build links to your main online business, blog, to your YouTube videos, social media profiles, and so on. This may help with the search engine rankings over time.

LeasedAdSpace Review: More About The Different Traffic Packages

As an example, if you decide to purchase the “Pearl” traffic package for a one-time fee of $9.97, you will receive 8,000 banner impressions and 4,000 text ad impressions. These impressions will not renew every month. To get more impressions, you need to purchase the next traffic package.

With the “Pearl” traffic package, you will also be able to send one email solo ad to the entire LeasedAdSpace membership (currently over 40,000 members!) once every 28 days. You can also submit 1 ad board post daily. These are the long-term benefits of being a “Pearl” traffic package owner.

When you decide to purchase the next traffic package, “Amethyst,” for a one-time fee of just $17, you will receive 12,000 more banner ad impressions and 6,000 more text ad impressions. When these impressions run out, you need to purchase the next traffic package.

The “Amethyst” traffic package allows you to send an email solo ad more often, once every 14 days. You can also submit 2 ad directory posts daily instead of just one.

When you purchase the next advertising package in line, your advertising benefits will grow. This is why you cannot just purchase the “Emerald” traffic package, for instance. The LeasedAdSpace traffic packages and benefits are built on the packages that come before them. This model will change when you purchase the last traffic package called “Red Diamond.”

The “Red Diamond” Traffic Package!

The biggest traffic package is the “Red Diamond.” This traffic package costs $147, a one-time fee. This is the only traffic package that offers benefits that renew every single month, this includes 110,000 banner impressions and 60,000 text ad impressions. All your unused impressions will rollover, they will not be deleted. This is perhaps the biggest benefit of purchasing all traffic packages—you will get free advertising for life!

LeasedAdSpace is also adding new services and products to the platform regularly that will help increase your traffic. If you are interested in getting web traffic that converts for life, for a small one-time fee, then you should really consider buying all the traffic packages. As a “Red Diamond,” you can send one email solo ad to the entire LAS membership once every 48 hours. You can also post 25 ad board posts daily.

LeasedAdSpace Review – The Affiliate Program!

You can buy traffic packages from LeasedAdSpace (LAS) without becoming an affiliate or sending anyone else to the site. You don’t have to sign up as an LAS affiliate and sell traffic packages to make money. However, becoming an affiliate and selling traffic is a way for you to pay for your own traffic packages.

There are seven traffic packages, ranging from $9.97 to $147. These are all one-time purchases, not monthly. When you have purchased all 7 traffic packages, you never have to pay anything again at

One-Time Purchases (Not Monthly!)

All traffic products are one-time purchases, starting at $9.97 to a high of $147.00. You can use them to promote the goods and services you want, as long as they don’t promote racism, hatred, or other forms of bigotry. Also, you shouldn’t use a traffic package to advertise porn, adult content, or anything else that users might find offensive or upsetting.

I think Leased Ad Space is one of the most unique business opportunities online. It is a online marketing platform that sells the hottest commodity on the Internet: High-quality website traffic!

You can earn up to 75% commissions on sales of the seven different levels of traffic packages, as well as the other traffic products (ParaAds) available in the members area.

How To Make Money With Leased Ad Space

You can earn a commission as a LeasedAdSpace member when you refer a customer who purchases a traffic package or ParaAds. It is very simple and straightforward. When you refer someone, he or she will be your customer as long as they are a member of Anything they purchase (no matter if you own a traffic package at all!) will generate a commission sale for you.

The LeasedAdSpace affiliate program is very simple: Every time one of your referrals purchases something from LeasedAdSpace these are the three commission tiers:

  • Recruit (free member without a traffic package): 25% commission on all sales referred.
  • Soldier: 50% commission on all sales they refer (must own at least one traffic package).
  • General (owner of the “Red Diamond” package): 75% commission on all referral sales.

The commissions are paid out to affiliates upon request. Commissions need to have been earned 28 days ago (or longer), plus you need to have at least $10 in earnings to be able to withdraw your money.

Lots Of Affiliate Tools Available

It is very easy to promote Leased Ad Space and earn commissions because everyone is looking for high-quality traffic. Inside the members area, you can find lots of different banners, text ads, splash pages, and email copy you can use to get referrals.

LeasedAdSpace Review Video – More About The Benefits Of Using Leased Ad Space

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