MyLeadGenSecret Review – Easy Way To Get 100+ Leads A Day

This MyLeadGenSecret review (MLGS) will teach you everything you need to know about one of the most effective methods for generating 100–200 high-quality business leads for as little as $1 per day.

Myleadgensecret review

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MyLeadGenSecret Review – Easy Way To Get 100+ Leads A Day!

Many reviews have been written about, but few really get to the heart of what this great program has to offer.

What is MyLeadGenSecret?

My Lead Gen Secret (MLGS) was created by Jim Harmon. Jim and his partners share permission-based leads with their trusted network. As a member of MLGS, Jim will share 100 of these permission-based leads with you every day, which will help you get more traffic and make more money.

What to do with my MLGS leads?

After you set up your MLGS account, you’ll have access to your first 100 leads right away. As a member, you have two choices for getting in touch with your leads.

#1. You can either use the “done-for-you” mailing system to automatically import and mail all your leads or

#2. Download your leads and contact them yourself.

What data do I receive with my MLGS leads?

For each lead, you will get their email address, full name, IP address, and the date they opted in.

Can I find out who opens my emails and clicks on the links?

Yes. You will get full statistics on each of your mailings, including a detailed history of how many times each email was opened and clicked.

How to promote your business with myleadgensecret?

As a member of (MLGS), you will get 100 business leads every day. Your leads are looking for legitimate ways to earn money from home, business opportunities, and so on. For best results, you should promote affiliate offers. You can also promote MLGS.

Your list will grow by 100 fresh leads per day on total autopilot, and you’ll be able to email it every day using the in-house mailer or download it to your autoresponder and email it that way. (I’ve always found it far easier to use the in-house mailer.)

The better your chances of making a sale, the more leads you can email. They don’t know who you are yet because these leads are cold. So, if you can only email a few hundred people, don’t expect to make a lot of money. When you have more than 10,000+ leads you can email every day, you can expect to make a few sales.

The better your chances of making sales, the more leads you can email every day.

You simply load an email every day and submit it. Do this every single day, and you will see results!

MLGS has a very lucrative compensation plan, which you can read more about below.

Compensation plan (MyLeadGensecret review)

You can promote any legal online business opportunity with (MLGS). To earn commissions and get bonus leads from MLGS, you need to promote MLGS memberships and master swipes to your email leads. The compensation plan lets you rapidly reach the highest payment levels.

Earning money as an MLGS affiliate:

#1. You earn $5 per month on personal membership purchases made directly through your affiliate link (Level 1).

#2. You earn $4 per month from your personally sponsored Affiliate’s membership sales (Level 2), $3 per month from the individuals they personally sponsor (Level 3), $2 per month from Level 4, and $1 per month from Level 5.

Level 1: $5 USD/month
Level 2: $4 USD/month
Level 3: $3 USD/month
Level 4: $2 USD/month
Level 5: $1 USD/month

#3. Master swipe purchases give one-time commissions of $5, $4, $3, $2, and $1 (5 levels deep) for prices of $29.95 and $10, $8, $6, $4, and $2 (5 levels deep) for prices of $59.95.

When commissions reach a total gross amount of $30 USD, they can be cashed out through PayPal, a check, or Bitcoin.

Two great bonuses!

In addition to the lucrative compensation plan, you can also earn these two great bonuses.

#1.Weekly superstars bonus contest

You can get as many $100 bonuses as you want each week if you bring in 5 new confirmed membership sales during the contest period.

For every five paid new customers you refer in a single week, you will receive a $100 bonus. The sky is the limit. In one week, if you refer 50 new paying customers, you will earn $1,000.

Your referrals of new customers will count for one calendar week.

#2.Bonus leads!

You can double the number of leads you get every day, from 100 to 200, by referring just one confirmed member.

As soon as you get your first referral, you will get 100 bonus leads every day. As long as at least one of your referrals is still active, you will keep getting 200 leads per day.

Creating this type of arrangement for yourself would not only cost a lot of money but also take a long time. It takes time to build anything useful, let alone a list that will grow automatically for you from day one without you having to run a single advertisement to capture leads. For only $30 per month, I think this is a fantastic deal.

Get 3,000 or 6,000 fresh leads per month!

The number of leads increases fast, and their potential is virtually limitless. Members are in no way required to use them to promote the MLGS system, but doing so is a great way to generate the residual income I mentioned.

Therefore, during the first month of membership, you will receive 3,000 leads on your own or 6,000 leads with just one active referral. Additionally, you can email all 3000–6000 daily!

First month:

You can send an email to 6,000 people every day by the end of the first month.

Third month:

By the end of the third month, you will be sending emails to 18,000 people every day.

Sixth month:

By the end of the sixth month, you’ll be sending emails to 36,000 people every day.

The end of the first year:

You’ll be sending emails to 72,000 people every day by the end of the first year.

Is it difficult to get MyLeadGenSecret referrals?

Some members only promote MyLeadGenSecret, and believe it or not, there are a lot of people who make a pretty good living just by doing this.

If you do that for a year, you will email 72,000 leads every single day.

You can send professionally written emails to your leads that are in the members’ area. To make money every day and get 200 leads instead of 100, all you have to do is send out one of these emails every day.

Private Facebook group

There is also a private Facebook group that only MLGS members can join. The ideas and methods that are shared there to help MLGS members even more never cease to amaze me. Being part of a group is also important because you can learn so much from it.

Conclusion – MyLeadGenSecret review

I like that I get new leads every day and can contact them once a day. I’ve found that these leads do buy, and they are really interested in work-from-home and online business opportunities. Having a built-in mailer to contact these leads means I don’t have to pay for an autoresponder, so I like that this part is built in for convenience.

The compensation plan is pretty nice because it pays out on five levels every month. You can get paid through PayPal, a check, or Bitcoin. When your affiliate balance reaches $30 or more, you can ask to be paid. When I’ve asked for payment, I’ve always gotten it the same day (usually in 8 hours or less).

I don’t dislike anything about MLGS because I think it’s a very good value for the money, and the leads are in my niche (online business, work from home, and affiliate marketing).

If you’re in the same niche, you can definitely make relevant offers that will result in sales and commissions for these leads, or simply promote MLGS.

Even though I was skeptical at first, I can confirm that they do what they say they will do. It’s an incredible value because you can mail to 100-200 new leads every day for just $1.This is cumulative, so it adds up over time.

I’d suggest this to anyone who wants to reach more people who are interested in work-at-home and online business opportunities. It’s also a simple way to start marketing online.

To learn more about MyLeadGenSecret, just click here.

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