Solo Email Ads – 10 Important Things You Need To Know

Solo email ads is one of the simplest and quickest ways to test out your marketing channel, get Instant traffic, build your email list, and even make a quick profit.

However, the vast majority of new Internet marketers have a crippling fear of trying paid solo email ads. It’s probably due to the fact that…

  • A: They are first required to configure their online marketing funnel.
  • B: They need to pay for the solo email advertisement.

It can be terrifying. What will happen if they do not receive a reply? What if they completely blow it? What if they pick the wrong solo ad provider? What if they send the wrong email? What if they build a squeeze page that doesn’t convert? What if…

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You can avoid using paid solo email ads for a hundred different reasons if you look hard enough and try hard enough.

However, if you are able to get past your anxiety, you may discover that there is no better or faster way to build your online business fast than through Internet marketing.

In light of the fact that having the knowledge to be successful often trumps fear, I’m going to provide you with some pointers that will assist you in making your paid solo email ads successful and even profitable as quickly as is possible.

#1.Write solo email ads that reaches only the people you want to reach!

Because you are paying per click, the seller of the solo ad will keep sending out emails until you reach the predetermined number of clicks that you have paid for.

Therefore, instead of writing any old advertisement, write an advertisement that specifically targets the people you want to communicate with.

In comparison to a generic list, which is less responsive, the list that this creates will be of higher quality and a lot more responsive.

#2.Immediately monetize your funnel with solo email ads!

Instead of focusing only on list building with your squeeze page, consider inserting a sales page for a product that is complementary to the page you are using to collect leads.

Your goal is to make enough money from sales to cover the cost of sending out your solo email ads.

#3.Add an up-sell and a down-sell to your funnel in order to further monetize it!

They didn’t purchase the item while they were on the sales page, did they? Reduce the amount of your offer. They purchased the item. Give them the option to buy something else as well.

#4.Be consistent to reach the highest possible conversion rate!

If in your solo mailing it is stated that the recipient will receive a free training course on the three most effective methods for driving web traffic, then this should also be stated on your squeeze page.

If you switch the focus from your solo ad to your squeeze page without giving your visitors adequate warning, they may become perplexed and decide against signing up.

#5.Make two attempts to get people to sign up for your email list!

paid solo email ads

If the visitor does not sign up for your newsletter on the squeeze page, you can use an exit popup to get a second chance at collecting their email address.

Another option is to make your primary offer in the form of an exit splash. In this way, even if they choose not to join your list, they will still have the opportunity to view your offer.

Think about what’s more important to you: building your email list or making money right away.

If it is currently profitable, you should show them the sales page. If you’re trying to build your list, you should make one more attempt to get their email address.

#6.Write a series of at least 10 effective follow-up messages!

Establishing an autoresponder series with several offers in addition to the beneficial information and credibility-building material that you intend to include is an excellent way to generate additional revenue from your newly acquired list.

#7.If you are running a solo ad funnel, recruit affiliates to work within it!

You shouldn’t be content with just building your prospect and customer lists; you should also work on building your affiliate list. Within your autoresponder sequence, send out a request for affiliates to join your program.

This can be done on either the first or the second email that you send. “Welcome to XXXXXXX. In the following weeks, you are going to learn about (feel free to insert benefits here).

Affiliates: If you would like to participate in our affiliate program and earn commissions, please visit YYYYYYY for more information and to sign up. Very simple and easy.

#8.Contact your new subscribers on a daily basis!

Yes, every day! You want them to become familiar with you and get used to receiving, opening, and reading your emails. You want them to get to know you and trust you.

#9.Always keep tabs on everything when using solo email ads!

Within your sales funnel as well as the autoresponder email series, you want to have an understanding of what people are doing, what they are purchasing, and when they are purchasing it.

Make the necessary adjustments to ensure that your funnel generates the maximum amount of revenue.

The more money you bring in, the more you will be able to afford to spend on paid email solo ads in order to grow the size of your mailing list even further.

High ROI (Return On Investment) on paid email solo ads!

Think about it: If you spend $200 to get 500 clicks and optimize your funnel to convert at a rate of 50%, you are adding 250 people to your list every time.

This means that your return on investment is quite high. It would be fantastic if your funnel could clear at least $300+ worth of offers, both up-sells and down-sells, if not further optimized.

You will add one new customer to your email list and earn a profit of $100 for every $200 that you spend. How many times in a day do you think you could do this? You can have as many as you want because you will still come out ahead.

You can earn 100% of the money instantly!

The ideal situation is that you have your own products, and as a result, when sales are made, 100% of the money is deposited directly into your account. You will be able to immediately reinvest those funds in additional mailings due to the fact that you will be paid immediately.

You do not have your own products, but you are participating in an affiliate program that pays you immediately.

Second-best case scenario!

This is the second best case scenario. Because you are not keeping the entire profit for yourself, optimizing your sales funnel to the point where it generates a profit will require more effort on your part, but this can still be accomplished. You will be able to immediately reinvest those funds in additional mailings due to the fact that you will be paid immediately.

Worst-case scenario!

The worst-case scenario is that you are making use of an affiliate product purchased from a website such as ClickBank, where payment may take some time to process.

You can still build your list and make money using this method, but the difficulty level is significantly higher. You won’t be able to immediately reinvest your profits in additional mailings no matter how much money you make.

Nevertheless, even the worst case scenario is a significant improvement over doing nothing at all. You can also look into doing ad swaps with other reputable marketers once you have begun to build your list. This means that you will email your list for them, and they will mail their list for you, at no additional cost to either party.

#10.Only add items that are of high quality to your list!

Just make sure that both the quality of their products and their reputations reflect well on you. You should avoid sending anything to your list that could come back to haunt you in the end.