Herculist Plus Review – Advertise Your Offer For Free Today

Read my Herculist Plus review if you are looking to advertise your online business to over 308,000+ people. Herculist is a highly popular online advertising resource, and in this Herculist review I will share everything you must know in order to get traffic to your site quickly and for free.

Herculist Plus Review

(Disclaimer: Some of the links in this review are affiliate links. This means that I will earn a small commission, at no cost to you, if you upgrade your account at Herculist.com.)

Herculist Plus Review – Advertise Your Offer For Free Today!

What is Herculist Plus (or Herculist) and why should you use it? Herculist.com is a massive advertising resource that has been online since 1998. It is a very popular advertising resource among online business owners for a simple reason: you can advertise your offer to hundreds of thousands of people quickly using some of the best marketing tools in the industry. You will get real human traffic, not bot traffic!

Before Herculist, the advertising resource was called Smart-List.com. It was one of the first email safe lists to become available.

What Exactly Is An Email Safe-List?

People who want to receive online business and marketing information can add their email address to a safe-list and receive marketing messages from other safe-list members. This is permission based advertising (not spamming!) because they have agreed to receive this information. It is also vey easy to unsubscribe from the safe-list by clicking on the “unsubscribe” link which is at the end of each email message.

If you decide to become a member of Herculist Plus, you also have the opportunity to advertise your offer to over 308,000 people (mostly other online business owners).

Herculist Membership Options

At the moment of writing this Herculist review, there are 4 membership options available.

  • Free
  • Pro ($9 per month, or $49.95 per year)
  • Gold ($14.95 per month, or $89.95 per year)
  • Gold Lifetime membership (One-time fee. More information inside the members area.)

Herculist Review: Different Ways To Advertise On Herculist Plus!

You can advertise your offer in 9 different ways. As a paid member, you can reach all Herculist members. As a free member, you can only reach a small part of them.

#1. Ad Mailers

You can send your email ad to thousands of Herculist members daily for free.

  • Free members can send an email every day to 1,000 random Herculist members
  • Pro members can send an email every other day to all 308,000+ Herculist members
  • Gold and Gold lifetime members can send an email daily to all 308,000+ Herculist members

#2. Hourly Ad Mailer

Submit your ad HOURLY with the new HercuMail Hourly Mailer while also building your HercuList downline! The process is very simple: Every time you submit an Hourly HercuMail ad submission, you are working towards increasing your HercuList downline!

#3. Prime Ads

Inside the Herculist members area, you can have your advertisement placed at the “Prime” areas. You can purchase views using your debit or credit card. You can also pay using Bitcoin. The Prime advertising is really affordable, starting at 100 real visitors costs only $6.50. You can purchase up to 50,000 visitors and everything in between.

#4. The Zone

“The Zone” works like a traffic exchange. You can surf for credits and get views to your own site.

#5. HercuBlurb

You can create a large blurb ad that is shown inside the Herculist members area. Paid members have their ads in more prominent places than free members.

#6. MonsterBlurb

You can create your own customized splash page. As a free member you can have 1 active MonsterBlurb. Paid members can have 10 active blurbs.

#7. Login Ads

You can purchase a login ad. Your ad will be added to a rotator and it will be shows when people are logging in to the Herculist members area.

#8. Email Solo Ads

You can send an email solo ad to active members who have purchased from Herculist recently. These people are buyers, so you can expect to make sales from a solo ad. The email ad will be sent out to 22,000+ people.

#9. Special Offers

When you login to your Herculist Plus members area, you will find special advertising offers. Perfect if you have a small advertising budget.

#10. The “Traffic Bomb”

The “Traffic Bomb” is an advertising service that includes the most effective advertising Herculist offers. This includes email solo ads to proven buyers, prime ads and smart-list submissions. This is a really affordable and effective way to get more leads for your online business.

Affiliate Program – Herculist Review

Herculist has also a very lucrative affiliate program. You will earn a 50% commission every time you refer a new member that upgrades their account to PRO or Gold and/or purchases advertising. You will earn a 50% commission even if you are a free member yourself.

It is very easy to promote Herculist Plus because everyone who is marketing something online is looking for more traffic. Inside the members area, you will find your affiliate link and marketing tools such as banners, splash pages, text ads and logos.

Herculist Plus Review – My Experience So Far:

I signed up as a Gold Lifetime member in August 2021. Today, I can send out a daily email to the entire Herculist database of 308,000+ people, without having to pay ever again. This small one-time investment allows me to reach hundreds of thousands of other online business owners daily.

What I Love About Herculist

After you login to the members area, you should watch the 30-minute long welcome video. This “how-to” video explains in smallest detail how to use Herculist to get the most out of it. Herculist is a huge advertising resource with hundreds of thousands of members. It is easy to miss some really important information unless you watch the video first.

Another thing I love about Herculist is the fact that you can upgrade to a Lifetime Gold account inside the members area. This allows you to use the site forever for a small one-time fee. I can email over 308,000 other marketers daily, and I don´t need to pay for it anymore. This is a great business investment.

What I Dislike About Herculist

The site is a bit difficult to navigate and annoying when there are ads popping up all over the site. You will also get lots of emails from other Herculist members. After all, this is how safe-list advertising works.

Herculist Review – Conclusion

If you are looking for an affordable way to advertise your online business, then you should consider joining Herculist. As I mentioned in this review, there are several different ways you can advertise using this site for free or by paying a small fee to get maximum benefit.

I strongly recommend watching the welcome video, because the site may seem a little confusing at first. If you decide that you want to start using Herculist in your daily marketing, then you should upgrade your account to Pro or Gold. Be sure to check for the Lifetime Gold offer inside the members area.

To learn more about Herculist, just click here

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