Leadsleap Review – Advertise And Make Money At The Same Time

Read my LeadsLeap review now to learn how you can advertise your online business effectively and make more money at the same time. LeadsLeap.com has been online since 2008 and is founded by Kenneth Koh. Today, LeadsLeap has over 171,000+ users and growing.

LeadsLeap Review – Advertise And Make Money At The Same Time!

Leadsleap Review

More information: https://leadsleap.com

(Disclaimer: Some of the links in this review are affiliate links. This means that I will earn a small commission, at no cost to you, if you upgrade your account at LeadsLeap.com.)

What Is Leadsleap About?

LeadsLeap.com is a lead generation system and advertising platform that gives you a free lifetime membership, five different ways to make money and a professional autoresponder service.

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How LeadsLeap Works

Getting Real Human Traffic:

You can generate web traffic in 5 different ways using Lead Leap.

#1. Advertise To Other LeadsLeap Members

First, you can use ads to reach out to other LeadsLeap members. You will earn traffic credits for your own offer by clicking on other members’ ads. With LeadsLeap, you will get rewarded with credits based on how long you watch an ad. So, the longer you watch an ad, the more credits you will earn and the more traffic you will receive.

The members of LeadsLeap are online business owners, bloggers, vloggers, and other people who are looking to get targeted website traffic to their offers and make money at the same time.

#2. Traffic Co-Op

You can advertise using the traffic co-op. LeadsLeap will give you a co-op link that you can promote. Your ads will appear in the co-op network if you promote your co-op link. You will receive traffic from the co-op, but LeadsLeap is also paying you for the traffic that you send to your co-op link.

#3. The PPC Program

You can also take part in the PPC program and get highly targeted traffic to your offers. LeadsLeap rewards marketers and publishers for showing ads on their own websites, blogs, and landing pages. At the moment, the ad widgets are shown on over 4,500 different blogs and websites. There are also nearly 31,000 tracker links that are rotated in the popular traffic exchanges, forums, discussion boards and safe lists. The ad widgets get over 400,000 impressions daily.

#4. Traffic From Search Engines

One of the absolute best ways to get highly targeted traffic is to write in-depth product reviews and get organic traffic from the search engines. LeadsLeap.com has its own social review directory that is search engine optimized. To get traffic, you need to write unique content that is helpful and provides answers to the readers. Besides getting ranked highly in the search engines, the best reviews are also featured in the members’ area for extra exposure.

#5. The 10-Level Network Builder

The LeadsLeap traffic system comes with a network building system that is 10-levels deep. This means that if you refer 10 people to LeadsLeap and your 10 referrals do the same, you will have 100 members at your level 2, 1,000 followers on level 3, and 10,000 followers on level 4, and so on. In theory.

Realistically, you may not get so many team members, but this system is still very effective.

  • LeadsLeap.com is not MLM (multi-level marketing). This 10-level network is created only for building leads and targeted traffic.
  • LeadsLeap is not a safelist or mailer. You cannot email other members, but you can stay in touch with your own team members using the downline text-message feature 10-levels deep.

The List Manager

If you have been running your own online business for a while, then you must have heard that “the money is in your list”. This is absolutely true! But even if you know this, you might still have problems when it comes to building your list. To get started building your email list you will need an autoresponder.

To make money online, you will need to build your email list. This means that you need to invest in an autoresponder account, which normally costs at least $15 to $30 a month. As a LeadsLeap.com member, you will get access to a professional autoresponder for free. The free list management system is called SendSteed.

The SendSteed Autoresponder

SendSteed.com is a professional autoresponder available only to members of LeadsLeap. The autoresponder has every essential function you must have when it comes to building your email list. SendSteed includes:

  • Double optin. Your subscribers need to confirm their email addresses (spam prevention)
  • The system automatically sends out your welcome email with a live link
  • You can send email broadcasts to all your lists
  • Smart filtering. This ensures that subscribers on multiple lists receive the same broadcast only once.
  • The system automatically tracks the open rate of your emails
  • The system sends out follow-up emails automatically (This feature is for LeadsLeap PRO members only)
  • A modular template design system that allows you to create professional looking emails

Using SendSteed As A Free Member:

You can sign up for a free LeadsLeap account and get instant access to SendSteed. If you stay as a free member you can have up to 10 email lists with unlimited subscribers in each of your lists. This is a much better deal than the big well-known autoresponder companies offer.

Also, as a free member, your emails will have no advertising. The list(s) you have built are yours; they are not shared with anyone. You will also keep your list(s) for as long as you are a member. Many online business owners lose their email lists because they stop paying their monthly fee. This will never happen with LeadsLeap, it is free from the beginning, but you can upgrade to a PRO account for more benefits.

The Page Builder

You will need a professional page builder if you want people to sign up for your email list. There are many different page builder tools available online, but the one included with your free LeadsLeap membership is, in my opinion, the best one. It is really a page management system that is very easy to use.

Here are some key features of the page builder:

  • The page builder is hosted by LeadsLeap
  • You can split-test your designs using the rotation capability
  • If you want, you can share your page design with other LeadsLeap members using the “share code”.
  • The pages you create using this tool have advanced tracking capability. You will know if the traffic is coming from bots or real humans.

As a free LeadsLeap member, you can build up to 10 landing pages. If you decide to upgrade to PRO, you will be able to build as many pages as you need.

The Pop-Up Creator

It is quite normal to see websites and blogs with pop-up forms. Pop-up´s are very effective when it comes to building email lists. As a free LeadsLeap member, you get access to a professional pop-up form creator. It is very easy to use. For WordPress users (self-hosted), there is a plugin that you can install to make the pop-up work on your blog.

With the pop-up creator, you can easily design almost any kind of pop-up you can imagine.

The Link Tracker

There is a lot of bot traffic online. You might think that you have generated a lot of traffic to your online business website, but are you sure this traffic is from real human visitors? Also, do you have any idea where the traffic comes from? Do you know which of your traffic sources generates the most opt-ins and sales?

To know this, you must use a good link tracker. As a free LeadsLeap member, you will get access to the only link tracker that allows you to track exactly how long people visit your site, where they come from, what links they click, and so on…

Traditional link trackers only track one thing, clicks. It is impossible to say if the clicks came from real human visitors or bots, from where they came to your site to what they clicked on.

Google Analytics is a great tool, but it only works if you are the owner of the web property. You cannot track affiliate links with it, but with the LeadsLeap link tracking tool you can!

What Is the Importance of Surf Duration?

Bots can fool tracking systems into believing that they are real human traffic. Bots do not surf online. The problem is that bots generate traffic that looks real to normal trackers and in the process steal your advertising budget. You pay for clicks that do not convert into leads and sales.

By accurately measuring how long your visitors stay on your website, you can figure out whether the traffic you receive is real human traffic or not. The LeadsLeap tracker is the only tool available that can do this.

  • You can include an opt-in popup in the tracking links! This works even if you don´t own the website. Now you can build your own list while promoting someone else´s products or services.
  • It is possible to add an ad bar to any link you track and cross-promote other offers.
  • You can add different limits and weights for different links and then rotate them in the system.
  • You can easily add new tracking sources without having to login to LeadsLeap all the time.

Free Image Hosting Service For Pro Members

LeadsLeap also provides a free image hosting service for your images and PDF files to use in your SendSteed follow-up emails, landing pages, and pop-ups.

LeadsLeap Review: Making Money With LeadsLeap!

It is important to be honest; you will not make a lot of money from LeadsLeap. Most members only make modest amounts that pay for their own monthly fee. However, the money you will make is recurring and consistent. People who become PRO members also stay as PRO members when they realize what a great system LeadsLeap really is.

When you start using all the services LeadsLeap provides to build your online business, you are indirectly “activating” five ways to make money that are automatic and passive.

Leadsleap Review

Basically, all you need to do is focus on building your online business, and you will start earning a passive income from LeadsLeap automatically over time. Here is how it works:

#1.Participate In The PPC Program

You can make money by placing the LeadsLeap ad widget on your website. When people view the ads, you will make money. If you don´t have a website, you can still earn money from the PPC program by using the link tracker and enabling the “monetize” option.

#2.Participate In The Traffic Co-Op Program

You will receive a co-op link when you join LeadsLeap. To make money, you need to promote this link on other traffic sites (traffic exchanges, mailers, safe lists and so on.)

#3.Become An Active LeadsLeap Member

You will earn a daily cash bonus by clicking on 10 ads per day. You will earn a few cents, but it all adds up!

#4.You Can Convert Your Credits Into Cash

You can earn credits in many different ways. As an advertiser, you can use your credits to get traffic to your offers. If you have nothing to advertise at the moment, you can also convert your credits into cash.

#5.Earn Money From The Affiliate Program

The LeadsLeap affiliate program is where you can earn the most money. When you refer people to LeadsLeap and they upgrade their account to PRO, you will earn a 25% commission if you are a free member and a 50% commission if you are a PRO member.

The commissions are recurring monthly commissions. This means that you will get paid every month as long as they stay upgraded. It happens that your team members downgrade and, after some time, upgrade again, but this is perfectly normal.

LeadsLeap Pricing

You can join LeadsLeap for free and get access to most of the tools available. If you want to take your online business to the next level, you can upgrade to PRO.

PRO membership costs $27 per month. (Remember that you will earn 50% commissions on all the people you refer to LeadsLeap and upgrade their accounts.)

Leads Leap Review – Conclusion

Hopefully this LeadsLeap review gave you some insight into how the system works. I have personally been a member for several years and use all the tools that are available to me for a very affordable price. I also earn commissions from LeadsLeap which cover my costs completely.

If you are interested in an online advertising resource that delivers basically all the tools you need to become successful online, you can sign up for a free LeadsLeap account here and check it out for yourself. You have absolutely nothing to lose.

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