Traffic Ad Bar Review – Best Free Way For Targeted Traffic

Read this Traffic Ad Bar review right now to learn everything you need to know about the most efficient way to generate up to 1,022 visitors to your website every three days for free.

Traffic Ad Bar review

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Traffic Ad Bar Review – Best Free Way For Targeted Traffic! (TAB) is not like a traditional traffic exchange where you can surf for credits all day and your traffic will stop the moment you run out of credits.

With Traffic Ad Bar, you will receive targeted traffic to your website for the next three months simply by surfing daily.

Traffic Ad Bar promotes your website on their own advertising network, as well as on other websites, traffic exchanges, social media sites, YouTube, and search engines like Google and Bing.

How does TrafficAdBar work?

You should look at other members’ ads to get traffic to your own website. This is accomplished by surfing for points. The more points you have, the higher you will be on the “level ladder,” and the more automated traffic from all over the Internet you will receive.

You will receive bonus hits and points for every 25 sites you visit, allowing you to drive even more traffic to your offer.

You can earn points in addition to surfing by referring new members to Traffic Ad Bar, adding “the ad bar” to your own website, and clicking on the ad links in the “daily update email.” If you are a Pro or Platinum member, you can also place banner ads.

The “Level Ladder”

The Traffic Ad Bar “Level Ladder” has 17 levels, beginning at the bottom and progressing to the top.

Based on the points members of the Traffic Ad Bar earned over the previous three days, the “Level Ladder” is reset every three days.

Each new Traffic Ad Bar member begins at level 1 and works their way up the ladder by accumulating as many points as possible. The higher your website climbs the ladder, the more points it earns and the more traffic it receives.

Every level 10 and higher member receives 1,022 visitors every three days. To get the most out of the traffic ad bar, you must accumulate enough points so that your website is at least level 10.

Join for free with three optional upgrades

  • Pro Lite: $9.99 USD per month and includes a monthly view guarantee of 1,000 for your website. There is no banner advertising included. There are some limitations to geo-targeting.
  • Pro: $19.99 USD monthly fee includes a guaranteed 2,000 monthly views for your website. (This includes banner advertising and geo-targeting.)
  • Platinum: $39.99 USD per month and includes 4,000 guaranteed monthly views for your website. (This includes banner advertising and geo-targeting.)

You can also upgrade your account for an entire year. This is less expensive than paying monthly.

How to earn money with Traffic Ad Bar

Depending on your membership level, you can also earn money with the traffic ad bar. For instance, if you are a Platinum member, you will get a 35% commission on all upgrades that your referrals buy.

A pro member earns a commission of 15–30%, a pro lite member earns a commission of 10–25%, and a free member earns a commission of 4–10%. Simply referring a few new Pro members to TAB will cover your membership fee.

Traffic Ad Bar Review: My experience with the program so far

Since May 2020, I’ve been a Traffic Ad Bar Pro member. Every day, I receive 3-5 new signups for my offer simply by surfing for a few hours. The majority of signups come from the United States, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Canada and New Zealand.

These leads are genuinely interested in what I have to offer, and some of them purchase what I suggest.

TAB is very effective, and it is a low-cost way to generate targeted website traffic if you have a few hours per day to click on ads.

There is a great start with thousands upon thousands of members, but the TrafficAdBar reach is far greater.

By being a part of an integral ladder system, you not only get other members to see your websites, but you also receive greater exposure the further up the platform or ladder you go. (It is worth noting that a person will organically grow by merely using the system.)

You can also link your promotions to a large number of other programs in ways besides the traffic ad bar.

Get massive exposure for your ad!

It is worth noting that when you place a link or URL on TrafficAdBar, you are also creating a mini advertisement. a title and three short lines of text describing your promotion. When you use a TrafficAdBar-generated link for a promotion, it will appear both within the system and on an ad-bar at the bottom of the promoted website.

This means that you will have ads pointing directly back to your TrafficAdBar system and promotions, but you will also be gaining points every time a website is displayed in the ad bar below, and the points will elevate you within the TrafficAdBar system, giving you even more exposure.

Many of TrafficAdBar’s over 25,000 members use the generated links. This means that your three-line ad will now be shown on thousands of websites that you have nothing to do with.

So, if you use the TrafficAdBar ad-bar links yourself, you will not only get more points and referrals, but you will also get a lot more attention for your own mini ads all over the internet.

Should you join or not?

Traffic Ad Bar was founded in 2009, its attraction, growth, and stability are strong and secure. By joining, you will get:

  • Free website traffic on an ongoing basis
  • A personal profile for free advertising
  • Automatic submissions to search engines
  • All members receive free advertising
  • Free promotion across the entire network of sites
  • 1,022+ visitors to your website every three days

You can get all of the above benefits if you join TrafficAdBar for free. But from my own experience, investing in a one-time upgrade not only lets you set it and forget it, but interacting as an upgraded member creates a flood of activity that increases your results by ten times.

What I like (Traffic Ad Bar review)

  • What I like best about the Traffic Ad Bar is that it produces real results when you promote an optin page, instead of a standard affiliate offer.
  • Every Traffic Ad Bar member has the option of creating a profile page with an image. This is also an excellent way to promote yourself.
  • The cost of upgrading to a PRO account is only $20 per month.When compared to other online marketing methods, this is very inexpensive.

What I don’t like

Surfing takes a lot of time. To get the most traffic out of the Traffic Ad Bar, you need to be at level 10 or higher. If you want to get great results with Traffic Ad Bar, you must be willing to surf for at least 2–3 hours per day and upgrade your account to PRO or Platinum.

Traffic Ad Bar review – Conclusion

Traffic Ad Bar is the best traffic exchange program that is currently available. I use it every day to send highly targeted traffic to my opt-in page. The traffic I get actually results in signups and sales.

If you’re just getting started with your online business and don’t have much or any money to spend on advertising but have a lot of time, I highly recommend you start building your email list with Traffic Ad Bar. If you’re willing to surf for a few hours every day, you’ll get great results.

I hope that this review of Traffic Ad Bar has helped you understand how it works and why you should sign up. Traffic exchange advertising is effective if done right.

More information about Traffic Ad Bar can be found by clicking here.

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